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Running for public office and planning to overthrow this country? Here's some advice...

by Mr X and Bill Meyer

If our silence is our consent, then we must remove our consent for that activity to continue.  We do so by speaking out and holding elected officials accountable.

These are our elected representatives, we need to not be silent.  We need to break down the actuality of what they are trying to do.  What it adds up to is wrong on every level, and we need to force the issue, keep it at the forefront.

Sustainable Development is a United Nations program to avoid the laws of the United States.  Laws and administrative procedures that are outside of this country, being adopted illegally by elected officials. It is the imposition of restrictions that go against the personal freedoms we enjoy as American Citizens.  

Read, listen, go to these meetings and start vocalizing your ability to say no. You have to say you do not give your consent to this, you do not want this.  It’s good to say we want a cleaner world, fine, work on being cleaner, but don’t take away the power and capability of our laws to protect us.

If you are running for public office, and you are going to be part of overthrowing this country, your obligation and duty is to vocalize it, tell us so we won’t elect you.


How does this save millions?

Crisis Outreach Response Team (CORT) CORT is a collaboration between the Marion County Sheriff’s Office and Health Department. A Deputy Sheriff and a Qualified Mental Health Professional (QMHP) review law enforcement reports from agencies throughout Marion County.

Cost $397,000 for two teams paid for with a grant from OHA

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Promote sustainable development to increase property tax revenue