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The Way through This

Actionable intelligence on Reopening Southern Oregon

by Bill Meyer and Mr X

This is from Thursday morning with Bill Meyer on KMED in Medford, Oregon.  Ed (Mr X) and Bill discuss using common sense logic and the protections of our constitution.  Specifically the right to petition the government of redress of grievances.

 It is important to be reading the right things, and thinking about the outcome we desire and can control.   If we exercise the opportunity to speak out and require our elected officials to adhere to their oath of office.  

Seems we have some time, here’s some great material to read and understand.  Then make sure to reach out to your local elected officials in writing.  

Let us work together as a community and express the outcome we desire.  The reopening of the economy in Southern Oregon, and the refusal of the incremental tyranny being forced upon us by government.

video 15 seconds in “change is coming weather you like it or not” Greta”








Put and End to Cap and Trade

When you look at these things, they are so connected.  There is a definite fight against our ability to sustain our way of life.

It is a move to change our total political system, and that is against the laws of this nation.

Our elected officials must honor the obligation and duty to protect us from the intrusions proposed, which would as noted below, result in adverse economic effects on Oregon households and businesses.

The following are links from this page most under” The Process”
page 7 and page 11
The Committee recognized that In all our state’s greenhouse gas reduction strategies, while Oregon can be a leader, it can not by it self materially affect the growth of greenhouse gas emissions without reciprocal initiatives by other states, by our federal government, and by other countries across the globe. Attempts to go our own way in isolation would be not only ineffective, but would have adverse economic effects on Oregon households and businesses”


Page 41 actual


Canadian smoke filled the Rogue Valley, Really?

Thank you for checking out MrXfiles.  My goal is to put together helpful posts that share Ed’s message with the Rogue Valley and beyond.  I am thankful to have the opportunity to help, and will strive to do a good job for you by uploading the broadcasts and links as swiftly as possible.  This is becoming a great resource that you can rely on for trustworthy information.  

 As Bill mentioned in the broadcast, this is a labor of love.  We are truly thankful for your support.  

Here’s the show from February 5th, 2020

Important Links

DellaSala, Dominick A., and Dale L. Rabe. 1987. “Response of Least Flycatchers Empidonax minimus to Forest Disturbances.” Biological Conservation 41: 291–299.




Where did the smoke originate?

by Bill Meyer and Mr X

MrX and Bill 1-30-20

No Prescribed burns during fire season

Seems like a simple solution,  but so far, the positive impact is a reality.  Prescribed burns during fire season are not allowed.  Join Mr X and Bill Meyer as they discuss the results of the excellent work being done by our county commisioners to solve the problem of smoke filling our valley.

Simple Solution, No social license granted to burn us out of existence.

by Bill Meyer and Mr X

Here’s a link to the PSA that Bill and Ed shared.  Consider the idea that they (the authors of the PSA) think the problem is in the interpretation of the law, rather than the harm from smoke that fills our valley.   We need to resist their intention to capture the “Social License” and continue the failed policies that have long term negative effects that reduce our quality of life and well being.

Public service announcement… (not serving the public well)  

Here are some links from Mr X’s study and research…



Public consultation process

Fire  & the Environment Strategic Assessments web page.

Fire in Australia – Environment, Planning and Sustainable …

Burn the forest, Bill the taxpayer

Mr X and Bill discuss the Governor’s wildfire response report

Bill and Ed discuss the report and challenge us to unify in our response to the plan outlined in this report.  This summer was better than the last couple of summers for sure, thanks to our County Commissioners doing a fantastic job of enforcing full suppression during fire season.

We must respond, she is counting on us not responding.

We must unify and say no

by Bill Meyer and Mr X

Climate Change? Really?