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Burn the forest, Bill the taxpayer

Mr X and Bill discuss the Governor’s wildfire response report

Bill and Ed discuss the report and challenge us to unify in our response to the plan outlined in this report.  This summer was better than the last couple of summers for sure, thanks to our County Commissioners doing a fantastic job of enforcing full suppression during fire season.

We must respond, she is counting on us not responding.

We must unify and say no

by Bill Meyer and Mr X

Climate Change? Really?

They are standing up for us!

The elites are there to inform the masses what climate change will do to them if we don’t get government involved in managing their lives managing our resources the planet..

What that means though is that you have to give control of your life to the government, give control of our resources to the government, give control of the planet to the government.  That is where all of this goes.

This is an intrusion into our way of life.  They do not have the constitutional right to reinterpret law and claim that they have the right to control the atmosphere and then punish the rest of us.  You realize that this is the ultimate attack against property rights, all of this HB2020, it’s a punitive harm

Defending the Second Amendment

Here is some helpful information needed to comment on SB978.

Mr. X  (who is not an attorney and extends no liability to this citizen response to legislative intrusion) has crafted this “Cease and Desist” letter for the legislators.

Download the Cease and Desist order Here

To submit your public comment

You can contact the members of the Senate Judiciary Committee here

Here are email addresses of the State House:

Here are email addresses for all State Senators

Call State Senate President Peter Courtney at 503-986-1600 and express your severe displeasure with him allowing this abomination to proceed.

There is more information on from the Oregon Firearms Federation available on Bill’s Show Blog here

Mr X and Bill 3-12-19

Rapidly Changing Oregon?

by Mr X and Bill Meyer

LIsten and share with your family and friends.   Thank you for your support.


Today’s link

The call to action

Pro Second Amendment Meeting

WHEN: Thursday, March 14, 2019. Doors: 5:30pm Meeting Begins: 6pm.

WHERE: Roxy Ann Grange. 1850 Spring St. Medford.


Appearance of Impropriety

Discussing the unlawful origin of HB 2020

by Mr X and Bill Meyer

Here are the point to point links to what was discussed during the show. It involves some reading, but makes the case that the legal foundation for the cap and trade bill is based on a fraudulent take on the law.

1:44 in “…there will be some changes to the way the economy functions in order for there to…in order for those greenhouse gases to be reduced, and there may need to be assistance provided to households, businesses, and workers that may be impacted by that in a financial way.”

search Maureen McGee (The Legislative Counsel)

It all leads here

this is where our legislative council draws here opinion from

On page 22 of this, note the CONSTITUTIONAL barriers

Definition of the Legislative Counsel’s Job[0]=Legislative%20Counsel&sort=PositionTitle%7CAscending&pagetype=jobOpportunitiesJobs

Public comment is still being accepted until March 1, 2019.  Bill has a great packet to help, Cap and Trade Points