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We must increase the ability to respond and stop the unneccesary loss of property and life. 

Rasism and climate change had nothing to do with the damage and destruction we faced.

If we don’t react and comment and give the stories that matter we have no way to change the direction of the input of this

The inclusion of everyone is what is mandatory.

What they want is not necessarily what they get.  If we engage and participate.  Tell the stories that matter.  Ask the questions that you want answered.

Where was the emergency management?

Why wasn’t the emergency broadcast system used to warn?  

Intrusion, interference with our freedom and ability to produce and provide for our families.

Recognize what it is, respond with the alternative.

“”It’s not a short committee. Just hearing what’s going on in Paradise, California – they’re a few years out now, and still, 90% of the folks aren’t back. I think 1000 structures are built out of 20 some thousand. It’s like a ten-year recovery process for that community,” said Rep. Brian Clem, who chairs the committee.”
“Those recommendations include $25 million already committed to the Housing Authority of Jackson County for use in building affordable and mixed-income housing. Other recommendations include $30 million for Project Turnkey, an initiative to convert hotels and motels into transitional housing also moving forward in Jackson County. The committee will meet once a week and is preparing to stick around for the long haul.”