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Fear will not keep us free...

by Mr X and Bill Meyer

Not very long ago, we were being soaked with smoke from fires.   We were told to accept the “new normal” of business and freedom killing smoke in our area.   

Our Jackson County Commissioners did a fantastic job of taking care of us by stopping the practice of prescribed burns after fire season is declared, and putting fires out instead of letting them grow out of control.

We call on our Jackson County Commissioners to stand up and do what is best for the residents of Jackson County.

Open letter to Governor Kate Brown from Dr John Powell:
Public health messaging, endorsed by policymakers, that all citizens conform to their recommendations to avoid killing loved ones is untrue and cruel. Rising numbers of COVID cases illustrate that what we are doing is not working. Data demonstrating falling infection fatality rates, emergency department visits and hospitalizations due to COVID coupled with age severity differentials demand a more targeted and sustainable public health approach. Let us start by structuring the pandemic around our lives and not our lives around COVID-19.

Jackson County is and has been responding effectively to the emergency.