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Attend the "Joint committee on carbon reduction " meeting

Meeting at the old South High School, now called Central High in Medford, Oregon.

815 S Oakdale Ave, Medford, OR 97501

Saturday February 23rd, 9am – 12 noon

Mr X and Bill discuss the upcoming “Joint Commitee on Carbon Reduction” meeting and share insights in to how we can stand against the intrusion of these ideas that produce nothing other than more erosion of our freedom.

Take advantage of the information shared in this conversation, and use it to develop your comment and demonstrate that we will no longer be silent, and be counted as consenting to this nonsense.

Here is a helpful link to find out how to reach your representative and make a comment. 


Mr X spends an incredible amount of time reading and researching on this topic, and brings forth points to help you understand the issue at hand.

The smoke in our valley is not due to climate change.  We must speak up and say enough of this nonsense.  Limiting freedom and taxing productive citizens with plans that do not address the real issue.  

Will you be part of this with us? Attend the meeting and make a comment, or submit your comment in writing.

In Search of Climate Common Sense

by Mr X and Bill Meyer

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