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Carbon Reduction Committee Meeting Prep

The call to action is simple…

Those who intend to bring harm to us through ridiculous policies that reduce freedom while raising the cost of living count on us to be silent.  We must take advantage of this opportunity to stand up and say “no more”.

We will be meeting on Thursday 2/21, 6pm, at the Roxy Ann Grange, 1850 Spring Street in Medford, but the actual entrance is at  Valley View and Spring Street. Turn south onto Springbrook off E. McAndrews, turn east on Spring Street, and the Grange Entrance is the corner of Spring Street and Valley View. Doors open at 5:30p, meeting starts at 6pm.  Map Link HERE:

This Thursday meeting is to get ready for Saturday’s 9a-noon meeting of the “Carbon Reduction Committee” in Medford. We need to formulate testimony, hand out yellow vests to indicate our displeasure of the direction they wish to take our state, our local economy and way of life with a carbon tax scam.

The meeting of the “Joint Committee on Carbon Reduction”, FYI,  happens this Saturday, 9/23, 9-noon,  at Central Medford High School Auditorium, 815 S. Oakdale Ave in Medford.



Mr X and Bill Feb 19, 2019

by Mr X and Bill Meyer

In Search of Climate Common Sense

Attend the "Joint committee on carbon reduction " meeting

Meeting at the old South High School, now called Central High in Medford, Oregon.

815 S Oakdale Ave, Medford, OR 97501

Saturday February 23rd, 9am – 12 noon

Mr X and Bill discuss the upcoming “Joint Commitee on Carbon Reduction” meeting and share insights in to how we can stand against the intrusion of these ideas that produce nothing other than more erosion of our freedom.

Take advantage of the information shared in this conversation, and use it to develop your comment and demonstrate that we will no longer be silent, and be counted as consenting to this nonsense.

Here is a helpful link to find out how to reach your representative and make a comment. 


Mr X spends an incredible amount of time reading and researching on this topic, and brings forth points to help you understand the issue at hand.

The smoke in our valley is not due to climate change.  We must speak up and say enough of this nonsense.  Limiting freedom and taxing productive citizens with plans that do not address the real issue.  

Will you be part of this with us? Attend the meeting and make a comment, or submit your comment in writing.

In Search of Climate Common Sense

by Mr X and Bill Meyer

Is there a Solution for the Smoke Problem?

Mr X and Bill Meyer discuss the recent meeting and announcement of Kate Brown, Governor of Oregon.  Here’s a link to an article describing her intention.  Make sure to listen, as Mr X and Bill discuss the fact there is a better way to handle this issue.

Here are a couple more links to documents discussed relating to the finding that smoke would have NO IMPACT on people in our area. 

It is very difficult to say that the smoke from surrounding wildfires has no impact on our community.  Smoke has negatively impacted our area for some time now during these summertime fires.  The health and welfare of the people here have been negatively affected in many ways.  

I have transcribed the last few minutes of the show, to share with you the important points Mr X is making about connecting the dots to understand what is taking place in our state.


Mr X responds to the idea the the fires are the result of climate change, and shares the appropriate mindset for having meaningful input to solve the problem.

Here’s Mr X,


Ok we have storms, we have changes in climate, we have different things. But the reality to our health, in our current existence is what I’m talking about. With these fires, we have to take climate change out of that aspect of it. To get a hold on fire is literally fuel, oxygen and a source of ignition.

Through this document, they talk about natural sources of ignition.That’s where they are stuck.  They are stuck in using that ok as a philosophy. You are restoration people, ok.  Fire has it’s uses, no one is arguing that.  It’s the timing, the timing of the time of year when you have the Chetco Effect bringing all of this smoke from a 200,000 acre fire right down into our valleys.  It kills and cripples the economy, it’s taking people and making them suffer, we have to stop it.

Encourage a rational thought about this, why are you allowing the conditions to prevail that allow this type of catastrophe to happen, and that’s how we have to look at it, or we are going to be the next news item.

Well you know the whole concept of the climate change rationale, the imposition of sustainable development has to occur with the people becoming complacent with the restrictions that hit them over this time. Ok, all of these things, I want to illustrate it.   

Purpose and need of this decision we were talking about.

( This is a link to the document he is reading from page DN-4)

The needs to amend the forest plan are threefold…Current fire management direction in the two forest plans by emphasizing aggressive suppression actually driving forest conditions in a direction that is contrary to the desired conditions and management objectives in several land management allocations.  The current and expected rate of fuels, treatments and other vegetation management such as thinning and prescribed burning cannot  keep pace with the changes taking place in vegetation and fuel conditions.  The current direction of both forest plans does not allow the forest to take full advantage of the fire management options available under the federal wild land fire policy.  Leading to ever escalating wildfire costs and the continued decline of forest conditions and thus a divergence from the forest plans goals and objectives.

And that, I could end right there, it ties it all back to the origination of the 1995 policy (Click here to download a copy).  It tells you that the strategy is in place, and that we need to be vigilant and we need to keep pressure on Kate Brown, we need to support our county commission, who is taking very bold action in doing this and acknowledging this stuff.  And with that I’ll be done.

Smoke meeting update with Mr X and Bill Meyer

Smoke meeting update with Mr X and Bill Meyer

Mr X and Bill Meyer talk about the smoke summit on Dec 11th, 2018.  Remember, there is still time to submit your public comment if you have not already.

Submit public comment: you can email your comment to the Jackson County Board: or to Colleen Roberts –

Ideas for making a meaningful public comment

Fire and Smoke Summit December 11th, 2018

Where: North Medford High School

When: Starts 5pm

Submit public comment: you can email your comment to the Jackson County Board: or to Colleen Roberts –

Tips for making a meaningful public comment…

State the problem,

  • smoke from wildfires is harming the residents of Southern Oregon

State the effect of the problem on you and your family’s life, health and wellbeing.

  • Loss of work and resulting income
  • Negative impact on health

State what you would like to have done to solve the problem.

  • What action do you want to solve the problem


Links to helpful information:

Here’s the Butte County Community Wildfire Plan (Which failed miserably in Paradise)

Here are some statements from Zinke in an article which fully supports our thinking about what’s needed: An Emergency Smoke Ordinance

Bill Meyer and Mr X talk about making a meaningful public comment

Sample Public Comment from one of our contributors

I was camping with my son and his friends on July 15th, 2018 and witnessed the thunderstorm that took place that day.  I was troubled to hear about how many fires started from the lightning strikes, but even more troubled to discover how many of them were allowed to burn and cause harm and damage from smoke to the residents of Southern Oregon.

The following weeks were very difficult in Southern Oregon due to the smoke from resulting forest fires that were allowed to burn instead of being dealt with immediately.

The impact of that smoke has been negative, and far reaching.  Financial, physical and social with effects that continue beyond when the smoke clears.

Personally, my financial wellbeing was negatively impacted due to loss of work, or inability to do the work outside due to breathing issues.  The summer months are very important to me, it is usually a very busy time that allows me to prepare for the lean winter season.  That was not possible this year, and I am still trying to catch up from the loss of work this summer.

The smoke negatively effects my health and quality of life.  I did have to seek medical attention on two occasions for breathing treatments over the last two summers.

My son and I enjoy fishing, but due to smoke we were not able to go every weekend like we usually do.

As a resident of Jackson County I am saying current wildfire management policies are unacceptable.

In summary there are many significant, negative and long lasting effects of wildfire smoke that I have observed on the people and businesses of southern Oregon.  The policy of allowing fires started by lightning to burn to accomplish wildland management objectives must change, and those fires must be addressed immediately.  The policy of using prescribed burning must not be allowed during the fire season, due to risk of them getting out of control because of excessive catastrophic fire danger level.

Wildland fire management must first consider the health, safety and welfare of the residents of the Rogue Valley and must exit from the condition of intrusion by extremist environmentalist’s objectives of restoration by burning our beautiful forest lands. Our elected officials must use wisdom and common sense to deal with catastrophic fuel levels and the impact on our treasured wildlands.

Lightning strikes must not be used as an excuse to accomplish land management scenarios.

Bill Meyer and Mr X talk election results and local issues

Our goal at is to share the important information that Mr X finds in his research of the many topics he discusses with Bill Meyer on KMED.  The desire is to have an easy to use resource that you can rely on to look into these things yourself and develop your understanding of what is going on in our state and our country.

It is our hope, that when you discover these truths, you will stand with us and take action.  Of course voting in elections, but also opportunities to make public comment on issues that effect your freedom and ability to use your land as you desire.


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“This partnership is another chapter in the Rogue story,” said Reich. “Each initiative builds upon the others. Piece by piece and partnership by partnership, we are fixing this basin.”